Artists’ Statement

We develop site-specific public participatory art installations. Our interest is in the interrelationships between art and public.

What distinguishes our work from most conceptual and relational art practices is our insistence on the primacy of the visual and aesthetic impact of the work. Socially and historically relevant, interactive, and truly public through participation, we create a sculptural landscape by conducting an optical experiment on a grand scale that can be experienced from multiple perspectives. From afar our work creates a temporal sculptural form, while up close the work offers accessibility into an experiential and visceral intimacy with the content.

Our inspiration comes from the integration of a particular location, its history and the collective memory of a community. To this end, we rely on an interdisciplinary mix of creative collaborators¬†who step forward and commit to the artwork’s creative process over a period of time until the artwork’s realization and public presentation.

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