Images+Video 2011

This video is the first draft (next draft next week) of a look at what we did in Mapoon during our Residency. Every morning we had coffee and toast on our little patio. Across the road was a playground which had a mass of structural wood poles whose purpose was to support a large canvas awning to protect the kids from the sun. It served as the centre for child activity. After they used it as a trampoline for months, it caved in and was removed. The playground has remained somewhat under used. With the forays we had been making with Jane into the beaches and outposts where the ghost nets were being retrieved by rangers, we asked for a loan of about a tonne, which we gathered with their help. We then went to the playground, and with the permission of the Shire Council, we started to create our first draft of working with drift netting as a material. We were dealing with lengths of 10 to 40 metres and widths of about the same. Our hope with the next draft is to do at least 100 metre lengths. It started to take shape after about 3 days. Climbing the ladder was a challenge, but bruising in the end does have a tendency to make you more alert.

The question we discussed and finally posed was, “If a drift net disengaged and settled over Mapoon, what would that ghost net catch?”

The photos are from a collection of sepia prints found in a shoe box in Brisbane several years ago. Jane had them and this made total sense to us. Most of Mapoon had never seen these photos until we hung them inside the netting. Out of the 200 plus people of Mapoon, over 50 visited Playground of Memories and recognised members of their families or friends and began to exchange with others their memories of those people. More to come…


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