Workshop – Socrates Sculpture Park 2012

Thom Sokoloski + Jenny-Anne McCowan have been invited by Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, New York City to undertake a Featured Workshop around the development of Scarecrows from August 19 – 31, 2012.

They will be working with youth, adults and collaborators to develop and construct three prototype sizes of Scarecrows to be installed on the beach and grounds of Socrates Park this coming August and for the annual Halloween Festival.

The Featured Workshop of “Scarecrows” will consist of working with a collective of collaborators over a two week period to develop a public participatory art installation. The work will revolve around the metaphor of Socrates Sculpture Park as a farmland for the cultivation of creative expression and the creation of Scarecrows to protect that expression.

Through a research into the history of creative and historically important individuals from Queens, who were instrumental in defining the cultural zeitgeist of Queens through invention, discovery and creativity from film making, art, instrument making, theatre, architecture, medicinal cures, technology, etc., we will lead the participants of the workshops in transposing their selected stories into a field of free-standing , larger than life sculptures, in the spirit of scarecrows, that can be designed and erected to ward off and protect the creative spirit of Queens. Our goal is to animate collective engagement through creative action that results in a singular vision.

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Watch the artists’ video of creating a mock-up of a Scarecrow HERE!











Scarecrows was conceived by Thom Sokoloski.


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